Student-Athlete Letter Jacket Ceremony

On Thursday, January 23, student-athlete letterwinners received their varsity letter during the Michigan Athletics Letter Jacket Ceremony.  Since it was first awarded in 1864, a varsity letter earned at the University of Michigan has become one of the most prestigious honors in collegiate athletics. With the varsity M comes a lifelong membership in the Michigan family. The Letterwinners M Club strives to perpetuate the Michigan tradition by promoting the excellence and leadership of the University of Michigan athletic program, and by fostering enduring relationships among all student-athletes who lettered in a varsity sport at Michigan.

The Letter Jacket Ceremony is an opportunity for all first-year letterwinners from all sports to gather and celebrate their achievement.  It places an emphasis on the significance of receiving a letter, highlighting the symbolism of the Block M and what it represents: dedication, integrity, excellence and more. Letterwinners realize they are a part of something bigger, something great and historic, and that they have earned something that cannot be bought.

Earning a varsity letter at the University of Michigan is a feat of unmatched commitment to greatness, and should be celebrated as such. Moments such as the Letter Jacket Ceremony reinforce this commitment, and give student-athletes an experience they will never forget.