2021 Award Winners!!

Hail Hail to these outstanding Letterwinners!

2021 Ufer Award Winner - Ken Hayward (Baseball, '85)
Since 1981, the Ufer Award has been presented each year to a Letterwinners MClub member in recognition of his or her outstanding service to the University of Michigan and the Letterwinners MClub.

2021 Raeder's Raiders Spirit Award - Austin Davis (Basketball '20)
Presented annually by the Letterwinners MClub to the University of Michigan student-athlete who demonstrates character, teamwork, dedication, perseverance, and intensity in athletic performance while coming "off the bench."

2021 Honorary M Recipient - David Linebaugh
An Honorary M is presented to those who have not earned a varsity letter but have demonstrated outstanding service to the University of Michigan and/or its Athletic Department.

2021 Post-Graduate Scholarship - Katie Foug (Soccer '19)
Michigan Varsity Letterwinners pursuing an advanced degree can qualify to receive our Post-Graduate Scholarship, established in 2012.  Scholarships are one-time, nonrenewable grants.