Since first awarded in 1864, a Varsity "M" earned at the University of Michigan has been recognized as one of the most prestigious honors in Collegiate Athletics. With the Varsity M comes a Lifelong Membership in the Michigan Family. The Letterwinners M Club perpetuates the Michigan Tradition by promoting the Excellence and Leadership of the University of Michigan athletic program and by fostering Enduring Relationships among all Student-Athletes who Lettered in a Varsity sport at Michigan. 


In early 2020 the M Club, in conjunction with Michigan Athletics, announced plans for a new Letterwinners Wall.  The Wall will honor every athlete who earned a varsity letter at the University of Michigan from 1864 to present.  Shortly after this news broke, COVID-19 stalled our plans, like many projects across the globe.  As we emerge from the pandemic, so does the Letterwinners Wall project.  The target for installation is the 2021-22 academic year on the far wall inside the Hall of Honor at Crisler Arena.  Please note - when this project began we were not provided data on any athletes with eligibility remaining.  If you are a recent grad or still have eligibility remaining you may find your information missing.  Just fill out the google form below and submit to be included in the project!


As we move forward again, we need your help to make sure the data for the wall is as accurate as possible prior to installation. Click below to view a list by decade, alphabetically by last name.  You can review your name for spelling accuracy and for the correct first year lettered.  You can help us with uniform presentation by noting a middle initial without a period behind it, if a junior name isn't listed as "Jr." and review names that need bicapitalization (ie McDonald). 


You must have earned a Varsity letter to be eligible.  Each athlete will be listed under the first year lettered.  Each athlete will be listed only once no matter how many letters earned.   Athletes will be listed by the name used when their letter was earned; if your name has changed (such as a maiden last name to a married one) you will still be listed by the name you had at the time of competition.  Any requested use of nicknames other than common usage (ie Thomas to Tom or Kate to Kathryn) will be reviewed on a case by case basis with input from Athletics. 

Click to Submit a Correction:  WallCorrectionForm

Please do not contact anyone at Michigan Athletics (ie your coach or a team administrator) with questions on your data.   
All corrections are processed through the Wall Correction Form only; Please submit the form only once for a request.
If there are any issues with your request,  the M Club will contact Athletics if necessary. 
Thank you for your cooperation with the project!

Deadline for Corrections is July 31, 2021

1864-1899           1900-1909           1910-1919           1920-1929           1930-1939

1940-1949          1950-1959            1960-1969           1970-1979 

           1980-1989            1990-1999             2000-2009         2010-2020           

a new wall is coming

                                           - Delayed until 2021

Our M Room upstairs in the old golf course clubhouse had a wall of Letterwinner names that was torn down in 2016 during the construction of the Richard L. Postma Clubhouse.  The number one comment we have heard from our membership in regards to the new M Club lounge and board room inside the Postma Clubhouse is "When will we get our wall back?" 

In conjuction with Michigan Athletics, we are thrilled to announce the installation of a new Letterwinners Wall honoring every athlete who has earned a Varsity Letter at the University of Michigan.  It will be installed inside Crisler Center at the far end of the Hall of Honor.  The original timeline for an unveiling was September 2020, but COVID-19 has delayed that to Fall of 2021.   See a current pdf rendering here.

We are currently working hard to scrub the data for accuracy and will soon be looking to you, our membership, to help us ensure that your name is correct before we put it up on the wall.  You will be listed by the first year you lettered, and each Letterwinner will only be listed once.  Watch your email for directions on how to confirm your details.

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